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Vanity Fair

Before last Friday, my only foray into the world of false eyelashes was when I was 17. I’d buy long, thick caterpillar-like things that I’d stick on before going out and dancing all night. But invariably the drag-queen falsies would fall off mid-move on the dance floor or during some late night clinch. Mortifying. But as with my all-night dancing, things have changed in the false eyelash world as I discovered last week, after lying flat on my back at the Urban Retreat at Harrods for two hours.

Founded by Kathryn Popplestone, Flutter is a company specialising in eyelash extensions. Popplestone painstakingly glued slightly longer, curlier, darker false lashes to my own until my eyes were surrounded by a full, thick set – very Cheryl Cole. There’s no worrying about a long set of false lashes sliding down your face and into your soup, because Flutter extensions eventually fall out individually, with your own eyelashes. And if looked after carefully, Flutter lashes can last for up to 6 weeks. I did feel a little self-conscious at first, but I’ve got used to them and the joy of never wearing mascara and of course, the compliments on what fabulous eyelashes I have. Wink wink.


The latest addition to the ever-growing list of body-enhancers to saturate the market, ultra long lashes have been fluttering their way onto beauty pages for the past year or so. And it’s an incidence for which we have one woman to thank.

Entrepreneur, ‘beauty artist’ and recently graduated 23-year-old at the best end of the insatiable false-eyelash trend, Kathryn Popplestone established her fledgling business, Flutter, back in 2008. Providing London-based, in-home treatments for the past year, this crunch-defying young upstart’s talents were spotted from afar and Flutter has been recently been snapped up by the Urban Retreat treatment centre in Harrods.

Despite the apparent immediacy of this particular success story, Popplestone – a recent biochemistry graduate – spent her university years providing beauty treatments to friends and followers as a means of paying her fees. These days however, Popplestone’s sights are set a little higher, offering superior treatments to Harrods’ exacting clientele.

Available in several volumes and lengths, Flutter lashes come pre-curled – an accolade unheard of in the industry – and naturally extend the originals – as each individual lash is applied to a pre-existing follicle. Lasting for up to 60 days, the lashes are some of the most enduring on the market – and with a recommended check-up time of once every month or so- they’re the lowest maintenance to boot.

Described as ‘soft, comfortable and with excellent staying power’ Flutter’s lash augmentations may sound more like a dodgy lonely hearts than the latest beauty breakthrough, but Popplestone’s impressive back-story – alongside her own, super-full lashes – had us from hello.


Kathryn and her team at Flutter will make you look naturally gorgeous from the moment you wake up, an absolute beauty essential. I can’t wake up without mine!

Style Magazine

As a beauty journalist, it’s a part of my job to try beauty treatments regularly, and I can honestly say no treatment has made a bigger change to my appearance than Flutter lashes. The transformation is staggering – my small natural lashes have been supersized; my eyes are now beautifully defined by long, thick black lashes which look luscious and dense but totally natural. The effect is stunning, and the compliments have been rolling in! I can’t recommend Kathryn and her team highly enough.


My name is Thea Darricotte and I am a beauty treatment addict. I have tried everything from caffeine body wraps to microdermabrasion, I have been buffed, polished and massaged countless times and I would go without a meal before I gave up my weekly manicure, yet I have remained hungry for the holy grail of beauty. That is until now. I have found the ultimate treatment which will guarantee compliments from men and women alike, but will remain illusive so that whilst your adoring fiancé says how stunning you look, only you will know the cause.

So it is with great care that I pass on to you my most beloved discovery of all time; (whisper it) eyelash extensions. Yes I know you’ve seen the monster spider leg version on Cheryl Cole but please do not tar all eyelashes with the same mascara wand. I too have had my experience of bad extensions – the glue is gloopy or they fall out unevenly or they just look fake. So it was with a little apprehension that I arranged to meet Kathryn Popplestone, founder of Flutter the Eyelash Artists. Her team of unspeakably talented eyelash artists will come to your home or office – anywhere within London and the M25 – and, as of last week, are now also available at The Urban Retreat in Harrods.

The appointment began with Kathryn setting up her portable beauty bed in my front room and asking what sort of effect I would like – volume, length, glamour or jaw-droppingly fabulous. I opted for volume imagining Marilyn Monroe’s sweep of raven lashes and so with that thought I lay down and waited patiently whilst Kathryn applied one false lash to each of my natural eyelashes. The secret with Flutter is that the lashes are available in several types of volume and length and are also pre-curled meaning you wake up in the morning looking just as glamorous as when you went to bed and your fiancé will never know your secret!

90 minutes later, and deeply in conversation with the lovely Kathryn, I was finally allowed to look at the finished effect, and girls, even if it had taken a whole day the result would have been worth it! The lashes were thick, black and deeply seductive and I fell in love instantly. Kathryn gave me a Sealant which looks very much like a mascara to apply every other day to extend their life (the will only fall out when your natural lash fall out as part of your lash cycle so can last up to six weeks) and a maintenance guide with my easy-to-follow instructions.

Since that moment I have had countless compliments, so much so that I swear it’s the best beauty boost I’ve ever had and in the land of eyelash extensions, Kathryn is by far the most talented Artist I have ever met; even in Bergdorf’s in New York the make-up team adored them and gushed that they were the highest quality lashes they have seen!

Such was the storm of praise since that life changing moment that I’ve quickly snapped up two In-fill appointments (one every three weeks as recommended to balance them out mid lash cycle) as I have a feeling Kathryn will be booked up very quickly. And the litmus test? My man can’t stop complimenting me… but I’ll never tell him what I’ve done!