Why choose Flutter?

At Flutter, our first priority is to ensure that we always look after our clients natural lashes. We specialise solely in lash extensions, which enables us to offer you a detailed and meticulous service with a high quality finish. Many therapists in the industry just attend a one day training, however, all of our team undergo extensive initial training over 2 months followed by on going training in new products and techniques. A full consultation is always carried out at the first appointment to determine our client’s requirements. Your lashes will also always be assessed and lengths and thicknesses of extensions will be chosen that will not compromise the natural lashes.

Understanding your natural lashes

Just like the hair on your head, you natural lashes are shedding all the time. An average lash has a life cycle of 3 months and is shed when a new natural lash starts to form in the follicle and pushes the old lash out. All your natural lashes are at different stages in this cycle at any one time which is why you normally only lose 1-2 lashes per day.

Eyelash Extension application

Correct application of extensions requires them to be applied to one single natural lash at a time and they should never touch the skin. The extensions sit on the natural lashes and don’t interfere with their normal life cycle. When the natural lash reaches the end of its cycle it will be shed, taking the extension with it. A new natural lash will grow up in its place and new extensions can then be applied. This is why extensions can be worn on a continuous basis, adding new extensions to the new natural lashes as they grow through to replace the extensions lost due to natural shedding. As long as suitable extensions are chosen and the correct aftercare is followed then no damage will be caused to the natural lashes. We have clients that have worn our lashes for more than 5 years continuous without causing any harm to the natural lashes. In fact, we can often see an improvement in the natural lashes as there is less rubbing a touching of the eye area than with mascara wear.

What happens when extensions are applied incorrectly

If eyelash extensions are not applied to one single natural lash at a time several problems can occur. If the extension is applied to two or more natural lashes they cannot grow properly as they normally would. This can result in the natural lash becoming bent or broken. The lashes are also likely to feel uncomfortable, often with a pulling or tight sensation along the lash line. If extensions that are too long or thick for the clients natural lashes to handle are applied, then this can also cause damage. Either or both of the above methods can result in premature lash loss and damage.

Caring for your Flutter lash Extensions and natural lashes

Your Flutter consultant will constantly be monitoring and advising you on how to care for both your natural lashes and extensions. We also advise clients that a lash serum can be used in conjunction with your eyelash extensions to further maintain the health of the natural lashes. These above steps enable us to ensure that your natural lashes do not become damaged and that eyelash extensions can remain a permanent part of your beauty regime. After all, who would want to live without them?