Mobile Eyelash Extensions in Nottingham

Always wanted longer, thicker, fuller lashes but never been able to achieve this with normal mascara? Flutter Eyelash Extensions are the answer. Meticulously applied to one single natural lash at a time they increase length and thickness by up to 200%. They are also pre curled to give the eye a more open and youthful appearance. We can create a variety of looks from very natural to full on glamour so are suitable for all clients. Lash extensions are 100% waterproof and can be worn on a permanent basis requiring infill maintenance appointments every 2-5 weeks.
There are two types of application that we offer, Classic and Infinite lashes.

New Flutter Infinite Lashes – Also known as Multi lash technique or Volume lashes
Be one of the first to experience this amazing service. A fantastic new technique where 2-7 super fine, extra light weight lashes are applied to each natural lash. The lashes form one extension at the base but create a beautiful fan at the tips. Perfect for women who have fine, sparse lashes or those that want to achieve extra thickness and glamour.

Classic technique – Also known as 1 on 1 application
This is the original eyelash extension technique and is the most well-known system. Extensions are applied one at a time to single natural lashes seamlessly making the natural lash appear longer, thicker and more curled.


Full New Set £120

Always wanted to try eyelash extensions but want a very natural finish or subtle look? A 1-1.5 hour appointment with a choice of looks that can be achieved as well as the option to upgrade to a Mascara Look Full Set at the time of appointment.

A 2 hour appointment with full consultation so your Flutter consultant can work with you to create a look to compliment your lifestyle as well as your eye and face shape. All sets will be specifically tailored to you and below are some of the lash looks that can be achieved with this service.

Feline flick: get the feline look with longer lashes on the outer edges to create the perfect cats-eyes and make like Brigitte Bardot and Dita Von Teese.

Red-carpet glamour: Get it all! Length, volume and curl to inject some high drama and va-va-voom with this glamorous, red-carpet lash look and make like Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole.

Eye opener: enhance your eyes with this fresh-faced look. Longer lashes are applied in the centre of the eye to create a youthful wide awake look to make your eyes ‘pop’ and make like Megan Fox.

Full and flirty: Lashes are applied to give a natural mascara finish to achieve perfectly defined, voluminous lashes that frame your face and make like Victoria Beckham.

Naturally enhanced: Fine lashes are added to create a subtle enhancement so eyes appear bright and defined and make like Jennifer Lopez.

Infill Maintenance Appointments

Your natural lashes are constantly growing and shedding just like the hair on your head but a much shorter cycle. At the time of your first set, all your natural lashes will be at different stages in their cycle. Over a 2-5 week period some of the natural lashes wil reach the end of their cycle and be shed, taking the extension with them and new natural lashes will grow up in their place.At the infill appointment we will add new extensions to the new natural lashes that have grown to replace the extensions that are lost due to natural shedding.

Flutter Consultant

2-3 Week Infill £60

4-5 Week Infill £70

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