Look After Your Lashes


There are some aftercare procedures you should follow to protect the longevity of your new Flutter Eyelash Extensions.

Your extensions are now fully cured and completely waterproof.


Please rinse your eyes with cold water before you go to bed to remove any residue of products used during your treatment.

Gently pat your lashes dry on a towel and use the mascara brush to groom them into place.


  • Never rub, tug, or pull on your extensions as this will damage them and your natural lashes.
  • Use the mascara brush provided to neaten and tidy your lashes daily by gently brushing from above and below.
  • It is essential to use an oil-free eye makeup remover or cleanser. The use of any products containing oil on or around the eye area will affect the bond of the extensions. We recommend using our Kate Stone Eye Makeup Remover.
  • Even if no makeup is worn it is important to keep the eye area and lash line clean. This prevents a build up of oil, dust and bacteria which can block hair follicles and cause inflammation along the lash line.
  • Try to avoid getting moisturiser or sun lotion on the lashes as they are also likely to contain oil.
  • Never use face wipes or cotton wool on or close to the lashes as the fibres will catch and pull on the bonds of the extensions. Always use the cleaning brush, as the soft bristles will not catch on the lashes.

  • Should you wish to change the effect from day to evening, or simply want a more dramatic finish, the Kate Stone Mascara has been specifically formulated for use with lash extensions. It is especially useful if you have blond lashes to blend with the extensions. Excellent for bottom lashes too.

  • We also have a range eyeliners and crème shadows which are perfectly suited to enhance the lash extensions.


4 simple steps to perfectly clean lashes...


Apply Kate Stone Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover to the cleaning brush.

Using downward movements, brush through the lashes from roots to tips.


Repeat this motion and the remover will start to gently foam. Sweep the brush from side to side over the lid to remove shadow and eyeliner.


Finally rinse with cold water and pat dry on a towel. Use your mascara brush to groom the lashes in to place.

Your Flutter Lashes can be worn on a continuous basis without causing any damage to your natural lashes. Maintenance is required every 3-4 weeks. 


Kate Stone

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Look after your lashes with Kate Stone. There are some aftercare procedures you should follow to protect the longevity of your new Flutter Eyelash Extensions.