100% waterproof

You’ll never have to worry about showering or swimming as Flutter lashes are completely waterproof, however it’s best to avoid saunas or steam rooms for the first 24 hours after application.


Be kind to your extensions

Do not rub, pick or pull on them. They are attached to your natural lashes, so please be gentle to avoid causing damage.


Give your lashes some love

Groom your Flutter lashes every morning with the mini brush provided to ensure they stay neat and pretty.


Maintain an oil-free zone

Avoid using oily or oil-based products (including suncream) directly around the eye as this breaks down the bonds of the adhesive. Feel free to use them on the rest of the face, but take extra care around the lash line area.

Ditch the mascaras

You won’t need to wear mascara anymore with your fabulous extensions, but for an extra full look on a special occasion, you can use the Flutter Mascara, specially formulated to be applied on extensions. Do not use normal mascaras as they are not suitable for use with extensions.


Makeup friendly

All other makeup – including eyeshadows, eyeliners, etc. – can be worn as normal with your eyelash extensions. Our specially formulated range of premium eye makeup products has been created just for Flutter lash wearers, to ensure your lashes stay healthy and beautiful for longer.


Be careful cleaning up

Use an oil-free makeup remover to clean around the eyes and avoid using cotton wool or face wipes here as fibres can sometimes snag and pull on the lashes. We recommend dipping a large eyeshadow brush directly into the makeup remover and brushing it down through the lashes, starting from the lash line and roots.



Kate Stone

Your essential range of aftercare cosmetics

Look after your lashes with Kate Stone. There are some aftercare procedures you should follow to protect the longevity of your new Flutter Eyelash Extensions.